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If you’d like to get started with a mortgage application, we have two options for you:

1. ONLINE at  www.HillCountryLoans.com (select Apply Now > Full Application)

Notes regarding the online application:

  • Due to privacy laws, our system cannot save incomplete apps. So, once you begin, please plan to complete and submit in one session (should take 15-20min) – or you’ll need to start fresh when opening back up an incomplete submission.
  • Please feel free to skip the Liabilities section. We’ll pull these directly from your credit report.
  • The submitted application will come directly to my office. We’ll review and touch base within 24 hrs.
  • All information provided on the application (banking info, assets, etc.) can be edited by our realtors team after submission.  In order to save time, please feel free to ‘estimate’ asset accounts.

2.  MOBILE APP – click HERE on your mobile device (simply download the app to your phone and follow prompts to apply in 10-15 minutes)

  • The app also gives you the ability to scan in documents later in the process, monitor loan progress and estimate monthly payments.  It’s a handy little tool!